How I Used AI to Create an Online Event And a Book for Web3 Music

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"How To Be Successful In The Music Business With Web3 and Crypto" By Asher Fishman book cover

But first some prefix:

  • I am a founder (time is by far the most expensive currency) 
  • I am non-techincal (I am a marketer/sales by nature) 
  • All the content and ideas were created by me originally. AI helped make it pretty, faster
  • I have atrocious ADD and hence I love things that save me time
  • I like my eggs scrambled

You will see why this is all important information real soon. 

Like many other marketers out there, I realized that I needed to make some noise about my company Klezma and myself, and came to the conclusion that throwing a free 5 day educational event/cohort and bringing in other big name sponsors from the web3 music space could help. 

But as I mentioned before, as a founder of a small startup and the only business guy, time is the most expensive thing we have and resources are extremely limted. 

That means that I have 13,000 other things to take care of and watch and couldn’t only focus on the event which needs:

  • Sponsors 
  • Marketing (design, posts, banners, website, and more) 
  • Content 
  • Slideshows 
  • And more.

Sponsors - face to face sales, not much to do about that (maybe some automations for outreach, but in the web3 community Telegram and familiarity is king) 

Marketing - a tricky mix but can be outsourced well if done correctly 

  • Design - Used our brand colors and hired a designer 
  • Banners & Posts - Took examples from other events (Shoutout Adweek)
  • More - I purposely wrote more because it sounded good 

Now that leaves me with debatably the most time consuming aspects of the event: content and slideshows. 

Oh right, I forgot to mention: From the “hey we should do this” idea to event I had six weeks.

Why six weeks? Great question. 

Mainly because I wanted to get it out of the way before Passover (if “Fishman” didn’t give it away already then know you know I am Jewish), but also because I knew giving a sharp deadline to sponsors would put pressure on them to join (similar to fundraising #IFYKYK). 

So let’s summarize real quick: I had six weeks to dump 7 years worth of web3/crypto music knowledge, into five days worth of content, with each day having a presentation of at least 45 mins, all while balancing not looking like a total imposter.

No. Pressure. At. All. 

So I had to think real quick on how to get it done in the easiest and fastest way possible. 

Luckily enough there was this new piece of technology that no one has ever heard about yet called “AI”.

I quickly highlighted the “bottlenecks” aka what exact actions would take me the most time and those were:

  • Physically writing out the content 
  • Organizing into slides (translating long form content into short form for the slides)
  • Designing the slides (how many and where to put bullet points, colors, and images)

So here is the part where I reveal the step-by-step process of what I did to save myself a minimum of 30 hours of work if not more. 

  • Wrote down all the topics I wanted to speak about for each day 
  • Organized them into a flow that I thought made sense 
  • Recorded myself talking about each topic on my Iphone on Voice Memos

AI Magic Trick 1 

  • Took those voice memos (about 10 hours worth) and uploaded them to Temi which uses AI to transcribe audio (then I manually bolded each chapter/topic name)

AI Magic Trick 2 

  • Took that transcription and put it into Tome. I spent about 3-5 hours copy and pasting the content, and Tome summarized the content and then organized and designed the slides. In total, Tome Created about 100 slides to be used over the five days. 

So the event was taken care of (It was a success!)

Now what about my book? My book is an essential marketing aspect to be used for funnels and even a revenue stream.

Simple: Took all of the knowledge from 7 years in crypto and music that I dumped into AI to get a written version, and got ChatGPT to edit it all for me to sound more professional.

Why? Because editing takes so. frikin. long. (at least 30 hours if not more for 60 pages)
And yes I have the prompt for all you prompt nerds out there:

“You are a top book editor, that specializes in editing books to optimize for readability on the level of a 6th grader, fun, and witty.

I will give you sections of a book, and I want you to edit them, according to your specialization as well as grammar. 

In addition, please suggest a chapter and subchapters for the piece I will send you.

Please place all the subchapters in the relevant places within the content. 

Please do not shorten the length of my writings. 

Thank you in advance for your time and effort”

Bonus: I didn’t love the images that were used in the slides and wanted different/more specific ones for my book, so instead of paying for another subscription at Midjourney, I just simply created template slides on Tome and typed in prompts to get the images I wanted.

I copy and pasted everything into Canva and wallah I had myself a 100+ page book. 

So, in total I saved myself a minimum of 60 hours worth of work, all while marketing my company, getting sponsors, building relationships, and more. 

I’d say that is pretty good for a one-man team. 

So in summary the key takeaways for marketers and founders in and out of Web3 Music are: 

  • Delegate. Even to AI.
  • AI is a tool to help you save hours of time IMHO. 
  • AI will not replace original content and ideas, in fact I believe long term just taking content and ideas from AI will make you look superficial and eventually I am sure people will be able to sense it. 

Key takeaways for how AI can help Web3 Music from this article are: 

  • Literally none.

Hope this helps.

- Ash 

P.s you can find the book here.

Oh right, the scrambled eggs thing. Just a fun fact :).