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New to Web3? Here are some FAQs answered in 30 seconds.

February 5, 2024
5 min

What is Web3?

You might be wondering, what's this Web3 everyone's talking about? Web3 is like the internet we use today but with some exciting differences. It's a fresh version of the internet that uses blockchain technology - that's the same technology that things like Bitcoin and Ethereum use!

How is Web3 Different from Web2?

Web3 differs from our current internet, sometimes called Web2, in a few key ways. One big difference is decentralization, meaning that instead of a few big companies controlling everything, many different people can have a say. Another difference is that Web3 uses blockchain, which can make things safer and more transparent.

How Does Web3 Work?

Now that we know what Web3 is and how it differs from Web2, let's talk about how it works. Web3 uses blockchain technology, which acts like a digital notebook that keeps track of everything that happens. This makes it difficult for people to cheat or lie. With Web3, everyone can check this notebook, and this can help ensure everyone plays by the rules.

Will Web3 Be Built on Ethereum?

A big part of Web3 is being built on something called Ethereum, a type of blockchain. Ethereum is like a huge worldwide computer that anyone can use. It's great for building Web3 because it's open and secure. But Web3 isn't just built on Ethereum - other blockchains can be used too. It's a giant team effort!

Is Web3 the Future?

We know about Web3, but is it the future? Some people certainly think so! Just like the internet has grown and changed a lot since the first websites, it's expected to continue growing and changing in the future. Web3 is one way people think it might evolve.

Will Web3 Happen?

Will we definitely see Web3 in the future? While we can't be absolutely certain, many intelligent folks are working on it and believe it has a great chance of becoming the new way we use the internet.

When is Web3 Launching?

Web3 isn't like a new product that has a specific launch date. It's more of a new way of creating and using websites and apps. Different parts of it are being built by different people across the world. Some pieces are already here, but it may take a while before it's widespread.

How Does Web3 Make Money?

You might be wondering how this new internet will make money. Like our current internet, Web3 can generate revenue in different ways. Some services may be paid, while others might show ads. However, because Web3 uses blockchain, there can also be new ways of earning money, like owning and trading digital assets.

Will Web3 Ever Go Mainstream?

The big question is, will Web3 ever become mainstream? We can't know for certain, just like we didn't know smartphones would become so popular when they first came out. But a lot of people believe it will because it can make the internet more fair and open. We're already seeing signs of it happening with Amazon getting intro NFTs, Warner Music, Starbucks, Reddit, and more, so stay tuned!

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